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earthquakes shake Turkey & Syria


February 6, 2023 southern Turkey and northern Syria faced two earthquakes each measuring a magnitude of 7.7 and 7.6, which resulted in more than 9,000 aftershocks. Making the earthquakes one of the deadliest in recent decades.

The number of people killed by the earthquakes have now exceeded 50,000 according to latest figures from both countries. 

In Turkey, destruction of critical infrastructure such as hospitals, in earthquake- affected areas now leave tens of thousands of survivors displaced. In Syria, the impacted of the earthquakes have now worsened the conditions of many people who were already living in precarious conditions amid 12 years of war. Deaths of parents and other family members now leave injured children unaccompanied, in need of protection and care.

Some 20 million people in Turkey have been affected while the United Nations estimate 8.8 million have been affected in Syria.

photo: Photo: Bunyan Genclik ve Kalknma Dernegi.png

Photo: Bunyan Genclik ve Kalknma Dernegi


We are truly devastated by the results of the earthquakes, and are compelled to help this cause in any way we can.  

Starting March 5, 2023 we are dedicating our Zen Collection and the entire month March to this cause. We are prepared to donate 20% of each candle sold to aid the survivors of this life altering tragedy.

The Relief Fund we chose to spread our love to is Global Giving.

The Goal we are looking to meet is $10,000.


The purchase of your candle can make a difference in a major way for the people of Turkey and Syria.

Your donation will be used to:

  • provide food, clean water, and medicines to the survivors.​

  • shelter and temporary housing to people who lost their homes.

  • provide psycho-social and mental health support to the survivors.

  • support economic relief efforts.

  • support long-term recovery efforts.

  • and so much more

photo: Omar Sanadik / AP

Photo: Omar Sanadik / AP

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